Saturday, March 17, 2012

My mother's "Final Thoughts for the Blog"

(She's wonderful, my mother.)

What I enjoyed most in Ghana:
·     Spending time with Nix.

·     The Children

·     Village life.

·     Mole National park

·     The market

·     Keke¹s cooking

·     Ada Fao

·     Lizards

·     Star beer

What I enjoyed least
·     Hard mattresses

·     Unremitting heat

·     Thrash

·     Lack of running water

My hopes for the people of Ghana re that they:
·     Will complete the village school and library

·     Provide affordable education for all children

·     Protect the environment

·     Replant trees

·     Find ways to manage thrash

·     Invest in clean drinking water

·     Adopt effective malaria control measures

·     Use solar-powered stoves instead of charcoal for cooking

·     Pave the road from Tamale to Mole

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