Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Doing Actual Work is Boring.

Hi Mom,

You did not write my blog entry yet. Don't forget!

Totally strange. It's been super hot here. Like, especially super hot.

Apparently clay also gives you constipation (extra funny because no
Ghanaian I know knows the English word for constipation so every
discussion also includes an enactment). But, weird about the minerals.
I hear it's a hit especially with pregnant ladies.

The worst thing about the story (which I neglected to remember until
today) is that the students will be copying it into story books and,
ahem, drawing pictures to go along with the words...then, they will
read their stories to the nursery students. Lord help me. Did I
mention that the student who wrote it is my tiniest student of all and
good golly adorable?

How was the neighborhood meeting?

I got a tour of Lemuel's farm today. I hope to be gorging on his
watermelons in a month or so. The entire student base thinks we're
shagging. Also, most of the folks in his village. I was trying to be
extra flirty to embarass him more. He's very tolerant though
"accidentally" forgot to show me which house is his. I'm trying not to
take it personal. He did tell me recently that I was "created, not
born" which, aside from the religious implications, seems a nice

I've been typing up final examinations. It's dullsville.


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