Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FLUSHING MY TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! Cool idea! My camera is a Sony Cyber-shot, 16.1 MP, 10x optical
zoom. I would guess the card would work on my camera just as well
though. I am SO happy you got your visa. I spent the night up and
worried about it after I spoke with you. I am SO excited for your
visit. Also, please be prepared for MANY people (by people I mean
largely little kids) to be excited for you to come too.

We write in diaries weekly and today's topic was, "My mother is coming
on Saturday, she is a little scared to come to Ghana because she
hasn't been here before, what would you say to her to make her less
scared." Grade 4 (who I usually want to disown) blew me away. I will
include some quotes here.

"Please Madam Elizabeth, do NOT be scared. Ghana is just the same as
your country. If you are scared of my country, maybe I will be scared
of you."

"Do not be afrid, people do not kill people in Ghana. No one lies or
steals or does bad things."

"There is no wicked person in Ghana. Do not be afraid of anybody not
even a theif or the police."

"Madam Elizabeth, you will have many friends in Ghana and you will
play umpe and read story books in Ghana."

"Please do not be afrid, please, Madam Elizabeth. Please do not be
afrid of Ghana. It is a peaceful place. Please."

"Ghana is sweet like a mango and an apple."

"Do not be afraid. I will be your friend. You are like a mother to me."

Also, there were several photos of the Ghanaian flag. The students are
stoked. There was some cheering and jumping up and down and, yes,
downright pandemonium in the classroom today over the prospect of your
arrival. So, please tell them their words made you less scared.

On that note, any chance you could bring a few bags of some small
American candy (enough for 90 kids?) One piece each. As your
reputation has nearly promoted you to diety status, I think a candy
would put it over the top. Eh? Eh?

Dresses, mom. Legit. And deodorant. Legit.

ON THAT NOTE, after a long and ugh 5 days, WATER IS BACK! Oh, to
flush! To wash panties! To wash hands! To flush! To flush! To flush! I
can't explain the joy of flushing away my 5 days of...waste, shall we
say, in the toilet.

You know how I'm still, 8 years after living in Thailand,
exceptionally grateful for washing machines to wash clothing? I
anticipate Ghana shall yield a residual giddiness with flushing
toilets. Flush. Flush. Flush. I am drinking an abundance of water now
largely because I am so excited to flush some more.

Good god I hope there is water when you're here. Let's keep our
fingers crossed, eh?

In other news, I went to the beach yesterday with Dima. It was DIVINE.
Beautiful space, water, sand (mmm!) and we were the only ones there.

Saturday I took Precious to the Accra Mall. It's like a US mall, but a
bit smaller. It's an expat hangout and she'd never been. Josephine was
supposed to go too, but she fell into a hole while riding her bicyle
so was laid up. The trip was...not exactly a success. She was so
scared, I think. She refused to go into any store and was stonefaced
throughout the trip. No smiles, no laughs at all. I took her to see a
movie -Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud (I think that's what it's
called) and she had never seen a movie theater before or even knew
what to expect. Approximately 2 minutes into it, she fell asleep and
remained asleep throughout the entire movie. I bought her a pizza,
something she hadn't heard of, as well. She had 1 bite and then said,
"I am only eating more of this because you eat things I cook for you."
After she forced down a piece, we left and, at the first market we
found, she bought all the Ghanaian breads, meats, fruit, and drinks
she could find to cleanse her mouth. She said she had a nice time,
but, eh, I'm calling the trip a failure. I can't feel too bad though
because it's the same thing I've done, you know? Someone spends a lot
of time/effort to do something for you or give you an experience they
are SURE you'll enjoy, and you don't. You try to be grateful and, in
fact, you are for their effort, but, it's not a nice experience. For
example, when Beauty slaved away to give me a fufu feast and I so
desperately wanted the eating experience to be over. Live and learn
and try again. :)

I hope the snow is perfect when it comes and leaves at JUST the right
time as well.

I love you! I don't think I'll see my email before you come, so call
me with anything last minute. ALSO, please get dad's chest and belly
and length of shirt measurements.

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  1. It's almost my birthday! I almost get to open my present from you! (my god, I can't believe that, when I got it in January it seemed so far away)