Sunday, February 19, 2012

At least 2 packages shall be arriving for me. Just so you know.

Hi Mom!

I'm booking flights and hotels today for your visit. I must really love you. :)

We haven't had water for over 3 days and, good golly, I'm disgusting. Not to mention my unflushable toilet. Ugh. Here's hoping there's water while you're here.

If not though, I can promise an "authentic African experience."

Yesterday was my fufu cooking class with Beauty. We spent a solid 6 hours making palm nut soup and pounding the fufu. Also, to be completely honest, I suppose I should clarify that by "we" I mean "she" as she quickly decided that I was not only incompetent at cutting vegetables, I was a lousy pounder, and I lacked the courage to flip the fufu while she pounded. Though she insisted on taking pictures of me "pounding" the fufu, it was entirely for show. Then, I was served the LARGEST portion of fufu ever, which I could not possibly finish though, by god, I tried. It wasn't unfinishable due to the non-deliciousness of the food (though that was a struggle), simply due to the sheer amount. I have no idea how Africans can pack away so much food at one time.

Also, of course I'll worry about you and dad (and the catbrains). Just as soon as you stop worrying about me I'll be done though. :)

Okay, Afia Village Hotel in Accra booked for the night you arrive. 1 king size bed with ocean view. 2 nights booked at Mole Motel, 2 single beds. Whew. Flight next. Bus we'll have to get the morning we arrive in Tamale, but, per my housemate and the fellow at Mole Motel that shouldn't be a problem.
Oof. And, apparently I have to go to the office in Accra to book our flight. It can't be booked until paid for and it can't be paid for via phone or internet. Gosh. Apparently, I shall be taking a field trip this week.

Well, I've tried. I'll work on it more.

You know what I was thinking lately, it's amazing how being foreign or relating to a foreign person/situation makes interaction so childish. I don't mean childish in that negative, silly/unintelligent way, I mean it as simple and excited and, truthfully, a bit foolish sometimes. Yesterday as Beauty, Elom, and I were chatting there was so much discovery going on amongst ourselves. Beauty asked at a moment, "Is it true that they burn people when they die in America?" Me - "Yes, creamation, perfectly normal." As for me, this week I accidentally showed my beads to half my grade 5 class. My shirt came up and pants sank down a bit. I hadn't noticed until, in a bit of a flurry, several of my girl students surrounded me and yanked down my shirt and up my pants and I heard Lemuel (are you still following the characters?) say, "I did NOT see your beads!" Of course this means he did see my beads. I'm not bothered at all, of course, but it caused a touch of a panic and several people since have sat me down and explained to me the importance of keeping your beads secret and the implications of the fact that Lemuel now almost certainly knows the color. I also got into a bit of a discussion with Elom and Beauty about homosexuality. It's illegal here, a concept completely mind-blowing to me (how does one ban a natural disposition?) and the idea that there are actually people who are gay is mindblowing to Elom and Beauty. I got a bit flustered, of course, as it's an issue that I hold in very high esteem and, despite the fact that they both believe it should remain illegal, we had a civil discussion on it. Beauty - "So, does that mean that a man and a man will share a bed? Can they have children together?" Me, "Of course they can share a bed! What couples don't? And, no, they can't have a child, they don't have the parts for it, but they sure can adopt."

My god, I smell so gross mom. I can barely concentrate.

It's a lot of innocence in questioning, in assumptions, in discovery. It's nice, though, of course, it makes you feel quite foolish often enough (I bought some under short things that I thought allowed me to sit with my legs spread while wearing a skirt, they covered me solidly down to my mid-thigh, then, when attempted Stronggy told me quite sharply, "Put your legs together!!!" Lesson learned, kind of).
In other news, I've accidentally found myself vaguely addicted to a Mexican tele-novella. I've been watching at Precious and Josephine's house and it's pretty amazing. It's called Teresa. I've spent entirely too much time thinking about it. Lawer and Nicholas are pretty jealous of the time I spend there, but it's nice to be so girly with them. Nicholas and Lawer are also not in favor of me spending so much time with Elom as they keep suggesting to me, "He canes a lot, you know. Why are you going to see him? Are you wearing perfume? Why do you wear perfume when you see him?" (For the record, I've been wearing perfume daily, to hide the stench - common theme of this email, eh?)

Anyhow, does that mean you haven't had an actual snowfall at all over winter?

Also, before I forget. Be sure to have my cell phone with you when you travel. I'll pick you up at the airport, but, so you know, first there will be people meeting you off the plane, those will not be me, then there will be people in the first room after the visa checking, those will not be me, then more people in the 3rd room, still not me, then, when you walk outside of the airport, I will be there. I'm guessing there won't be many white girls there, so I suppose I'll stick out.

Please do not forget the jawbreakers. The kids have gotten excited as I've vaguely promised to share one or two.

Love you!

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