Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I suck at riding bicycles in Ghana.

Hi Mom!

Microscopy went well. I am worried whether or not it shall actually be
put to use because Ernest is under the impression that the kids will
not be able to understand. Silly, really, because you can teach almost
anything to a way that kids can understand, you just have to make it
small. I told him he must do it before I leave because, if not, I'm
sure it shan't happen.

Like I said before, there are so many unused resources here, just
looking at the spare room in my house and you can find so many neat
things donated by volunteers that are sitting there, gathering dust.
You know how you said Rebecca seemed a little disillusioned with the
school scene when she left Gabon, I wonder if I shall feel the same
leaving here.

Yes, boat trip...well, I hope. I had thought Dima made the
reservations, but today she said she hasn't yet and she might be going
on a roadtrip with Godwin instead. I'm disappointed, of course, but
hopeful. Either way, I'll do it on my own. The trip is 3 days, from
Akosombo Yeji, then I'd zoom on to Tamale again, then North to
Ougadougou. Fingers crossed, of course. :)

I think this was my first Easter without chocolate. Lemuel brought me
a huge bag of mangoes, so I wasn't suffering at all though. The day
was spent running races, hunting for afienga berries, reading, and, my
new favorite hobby, watching Merlin, a British TV show on DVD. Within
the village we have seasons 2-6. I am currently borrowing season 3
from Keke and season 2 from Nicholas' uncle.

Keke has been on it lately. She nearly killed me when I turned the TV
off the other day to teach microscopy, hugged me the day after, tried
to cane me a day later, and now is taking me to her seamstress. She's
terrifying and I adore her. I'm also pleased to hear that I'm in her
"People I Like" circle. I've learned that she dislikes many people. On
the other hand, Mustafa has made a little turnaround. His English
suddenly got loads better, he hasn't broken anything in ages, and he
keeps asking me to help him with writing. So, he sits, silently, and
we write together. It's mind blowing. I'm feeling solidly infatuated
with him. I have a recording of him singing the Ghana national anthem,
it's SO cute I want to squeal.

It's 36 days, do you know that? I'm already feeling the pangs of
imminent depression. I'm really, really going to miss it here. The
kids, the teachers, the housemates.

On that note, we have a temporary new housemate. Solange, she's from
Switzerland and gradated high school there, but then her Togolese
parents shipped her here to attend school and learn English. The whole
situation sounds a bit strange, but she's here and nice company. Plus,
she believes in evolution and, unlike me who's so careful not to
offend, she's been calling everyone fools for not believing. I
silently praise her.

Oh, yes, and guess what mom? Per some people recently, I learned that
my butt is not big like African ones because you bathed me incorrectly
as a baby. Also, ahem, that is why I am "not fit like an African." The
girl who said this positively got me irked so I challenged her to a.
tell me how she came across the information about my physical
abilities and b. duel with push ups. She couldn't do even one push up,
but still insisted that I just don't understand physical strength
because I am too weak to comprehend. Gah.

I've become completely obsessed with buying fabrics lately upon the
realization that I can't buy them at home. So I've had to budget
myself at the market. Currently I've got items being made at 4
different seamstresses. Lush, eh?

I'm sorry you didn't see Karl on Easter. He's a bit of an airhead
about telling people when/where/how he'll be coming places.

As for visiting Rebecca, just check with her. I asked her briefly, and
she said that she doesn't get out of school until late, so bear that
in mind. Also, be sure it doesn't conflict with dad's planned trips
(Did you book the East Coast and Austria? If not, please do.) so I can
run the restaurant.

Also, if I were to hypothetically smuggle seeds to the U.S. (not that
I would) would I dry them first?

I miss you and love you. Thank you so much for the microscopy help. I
wish you were here to teach it for me, I'm not so savvy and can't get
many things to work, but, I try.

Ps: Last day of exams today, hooray! That said, I have to be marking
compositions from the 4th graders. Time, perhaps, to put a beer in the

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