Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still Here! Still Well!


Repeat of same message, with the I Am Not Sure About The Internet
Situation as well. But, briefly, it's great. I will be teaching
English to grades 4, 5, and 6. Though English is the official language
here, the kids don't know it. They speak their native language only
(remember how I thought I would practice Spanish here? Ha! I shall be
learning Dangme instead) and so it is ESL. The classrooms are very small
and each have 40 students. The rooms are...well, like you'd imagine in rural
Africa, broken down, dingy, and all cramped together making it
impossible to hear. That said, the kids are really well behaved and
quite bright.

Godwin is excited for you to come. Please do!

However, no coffee and no vegetarianism. Be aware.

The electricity is constant, but water only comes every few days (when
we quickly run to fill our shower buckets). I've been reading a lot
and, to be honest, have been pretty bored as I don't yet know how to
amuse myself or what I should be doing, but I am learning more every

Love you!

Also, I'm anticipating that internet use shall continue to be a thing
I get to do only weekly or a couple times a week. I plan to get a
phone within the next few weeks so you can call if you're itching to
chat and have a budget for it.

How are you?

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